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The OK has been a well-known name in the retail industry amongst local consumers for many decades. The OK Value brand is managed by the OK Franchise Division as grocery and food outlets and offers independent supermarket operators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build franchise businesses under the dependable OK banner. In addition franchise owners can benefit from the Group’s skills and experience of the independent retail industry.

Fruit & Veg Butchery Bakery Deli Fast Foods  Small Medium Sized Large Liquor Market Allowed
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OK value
OK value
OK value

Range and Number of Lines Carried

Between 1 000 and 6 500 basic lines are carried, depending on the size of the store, the location of the store and the customer profile, supplemented by one or two service departments as per the requirements of the particular market within which the store operates.

Prime Target Market

OK Value supermarkets are mainly situated in neighbourhoods
and their customers are mostly families that fall in
the 3 – 6 LSM categories.

Store Size

The stores vary in size with a minimum trading area of 300 m2 as well as adequate back-up and storage facilities.

Medium-sized supermarkets with limited service departments

Groceries, toiletries and essential hardware
At least one of the following service departments:
Fast foods/home meal replacements; and Fruit and vegetables
Can also have a wine department or an Enjoy OK liquor store attached