Megasave is a hugely popular and respected Southern African wholesaler in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. We support our franchisees with the best competitive pricing, professional service and with development through modern technology.

Prime target market

Megasave outlets are spread throughout Southern Africa, represented primarily in South Africa and Namibia. Most of these outlets are community-based and cater for specialised markets. One of the great attractions of Megasave is that it caters to franchisees’ needs to meet the localised demands of particular communities.

Competitive advantage

  • Megasave members share in the tremendous buying power of the Shoprite/Checkers Group, which gives them a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Incentives, terms and rebates have been structured to afford every Megasave franchisee with the maximum opportunity to add extra value to the bottom line.
  • Over and above the regional prices, all Megasave franchisees share in the national price benefit.

Support all the way

Megasave franchise owners share in all the benefits and services offered by the OK Franchise Division.

These include:

  • Store specific bulk deals negotiated on request.
  • Store layout and design.
  • Information technology.
  • Administration support.
  • Incentive packages and terms.
  • Marketing and trade advice.
  • Training.
  • Personalised service.

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