With the establishment of shopping malls and smaller neighbourhood one-stop shopping centres, many supermarkets have add-on liquor sales outlets.
The OK Franchise Division has an individually branded add-on liquor outlet designed to assist those who wish to open their own off-sales liquor outlets.

The benefits of adding an adjacent OK Liquor store to your existing supermarket are two-fold:

  • Convenience: It’s convenient for customers to have a one-stop-shopping destination for all their grocery and liquor needs, which means an increased customer footprint in both outlets.
  • Increased profitability: Franchisees save on administrative costs and obtain better prices and added turnover through the OK Franchise Division account.

The Specs

OK Liquor Stores are exclusively on offer for franchisees that operate one of the OKFD formats. The liquor stores are either adjacent to or nearby the retail outlet and have minimum trading areas of 80m2. OK Liquor stores offer a wide range of wines, beers, malt and spirits, but franchisees must have the appropriate liquor license.


OK Liquor Brochure English
OK Liquor Brochure Afrikaans