OK MiniMarks are modern, service-orientated superettes. The layout of each outlet is planned in the most cost-effective way and the store design enforces optimum customer flow and product exposure enabling retailers to take full advantage of every possible sales and profit opportunity.

Target Market:

OK MiniMark superettes are convenience outlets, situated in residential and high traffic flow areas, attracting constant customer support.

Store Size:

OK MiniMarks vary in store size, but the minimum trading area is approximately 300m2 with adequate back-up and storage facilities.

Product Range:

Because OK MiniMarks are convenience superettes, approximately 4500 lines are carried.

Service Departments:

To qualify as an OK MiniMark outlet, the superette must have the normal grocery, toiletries and essential household hardware, and at least two of the following service departments:

  • Bakery: An on-premise bakery is one of the main attractions and a definite profit spinner. Customer demand determines the bread and confectionary variety on offer.
  • Fast Foods / Home Meal Replacements: Equally popular are fast food departments. These provide high traffic flow through the store and boost profit opportunities.
  • Fruit and Vegetables: A limited variety of fresh seasonal produce.
  • Pre-packed Fresh Meat: Always high on demand and includes meat products like braai meat, boerewors and mince, offering excellent sales opportunities.
  • Groceries and Toiletries: On average a selection of 1400 grocery and toiletry lines are carried.
  • Non-Foods: A selection of essential non-food commodities like charcoal, braai accessories and smaller household items.

OK MiniMark Franchisees also have the option of adding on an OK Enjoy liquor store, which has a minimum trading area of 80 m2.


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