OK MiniMark has been a well-established and much-loved community brand for decades, and offers independent supermarket operators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to build franchise businesses under the dependable OK banner. Managed by the OK Franchise Division as grocery and food outlets, franchise owners benefit from the Group’s skills and experience of the independent retail industry.

Target market

OK MiniMark superettes are convenience outlets, situated in residential and high traffic flow areas, attracting constant community support.

Store size

The stores vary in size with a minimum trading area of 300 m2 as well as adequate backup and storage facilities.

Range and number of lines carried

As OK MiniMark is a convenience superette, approximately 4 500 lines are carried.


To qualify as an OK MiniMark superette the outlet must have, over and above the normal groceries, toiletries and essential household hardware, and at least two service departments:

  • Bakery
    An on-premises bakery is one of the main attractions and a great profit spinner.
  • Fast foods/homemade meal replacements
    Equally popular is the fast foods department, which provides good traffic flow through the store and enhances profit opportunities.
  • Fruit and vegetables
    This department offers a limited variety of fresh, quality produce in season.
  • Prepacked fresh meat
    Prepacked fresh meat is always in popular demand. Together with meat products like braai meats, boerewors and mince, it offers excellent sales opportunities.
  • Groceries and toiletries
    On average 1 400 grocery and toiletry lines are carried.
  • Non-foods
    A selection of essential non-food commodities like charcoal, braai accessories and smaller household items create further profit.

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