The OK Franchise Division has various franchise formats to choose from, which gives you affordable and flexible investment options with high returns. You will start making a profit within the first year of opening an OKFD retail outlet. This is a lucrative investment opportunity for potential franchisees because we operate as a subsidiary of the Shoprite / Checkers Group – a major buying, advisory and assistance organisation with a proven record in the FMCG industry. OKFD understands that money is a sensitive subject and that any investment means that you are putting your financial future on the line, so to learn more about your initial investment, the set up costs and working capital required and how much return you can expect after your first year, please give us a call to set up a meeting. We are happy to discuss everything with you in full detail.


When you invest, you are investing in results, and great results make you money. The OK Franchise Division’s available retail formats enable our franchisees to provide their customers with a comprehensive range of quality products at competitive prices. The result? Millions of loyal customers across southern Africa choose OK every day. OKFD’s different formats have created a solid platform upon which entrepreneurs and independent supermarket operators can capitalize. We are happy to say they have built highly successful and profitable businesses.


OKFD is rated the best-performing business investment, and it’s no surprise. We have a proven track record as the market leader in the FMCG industry, and we aim to remain the frontrunner in the future of retail. Our growth is continuous with the expanding franchise market constantly creating lucrative retail opportunities for which we are ideally positioned.


The OK Franchise Division understands fast moving consumer goods better than anyone else, so when you invest, you invest in a h4 brand with loyal customers. 367 investors can’t be wrong! When you purchase an established franchise, and especially from a partner like OKFD, you are not merely paying for the set-up and construction costs, but also for the license to use the company’s good name, our logo, expertise and a highly successful and reliable brand.