We have unparalleled operating systems and a state of the art retail model – one that has proven to be highly successful. OKFD is a technology leader with fully integrated point of sale systems and our Franchise Operations Team will guide you every step of the way.


OKFD has an industry-leading real estate team and our experts will help you decide on the best location for your new OK store. Not only do we assist you in choosing the right franchise format, but we also give you options on the best locations for optimum customer traffic. With the high costs of rent and property prices our help means you will strike the perfect balance and that is a definite bonus.


We boast the biggest supplier network with the greatest retail bulk-buying power, and there is ongoing investment and recognition of the supply chain’s strategic importance.

This highly successful supply line efficiently services the group’s outlets in various countries. Strategically placed distribution centres link the flow of product from vendors to stores where customer demand ultimately drives the movement of product. Merchandise is delivered to stores by a variety of trucks and trailers that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ultimate desired result is always customer satisfaction – if they can always tick off items on their shopping list, you will keep their custom and loyalty.


We have full year-round national marketing and advertising spending. We understand that great brands are strengthened through powerful marketing and your OKFD package includes effective advertising campaigns that will assist you in keeping your customers coming back for more. All our franchisees are fully equipped with all the marketing materials and tools they need to not only attract new customers, but to also keep them in the long run. Annual marketing and advertising spend includes television, radio, print and online advertising. Direct mail, social media campaigns, seasonal campaigns, promotions, specials and competitions.