Become your own boss – with a h4 partner by your side. Franchising is a two-way street, and we pride ourselves in our excellent franchisee relationships. The OK brand has been around since 1927 – that’s over 80 years of retail experience! This experience enables us to offer you effective turnkey solutions and full infrastructural support. Even though you are essentially purchasing an existing brand, OKFD is always open to compromise and we will never impose on your own entrepreneurial spirit. When you join OKFD you join a family.


OKFD forms part of Africa’s largest retail group – a financial powerhouse with a group turnover of R113 billion! After the acquisition of the Sentra, OK and the Metcash brands by the Shoprite Checkers Group, the combined inherent value and potential of these brands coupled with the expertise and infrastructure of the Shoprite Group gave rise to the OK Franchise Division as it stands today. Millions of customers trust us…so should you.


We will be right by your side from the moment you apply to join the OK Family, through to your grand opening day and long into the future of your business. It’s important to understand that even though you are working for yourself, you are not working by yourself. We equip and guide our franchisees with topnotch interactive training and mentoring workshops, expert advice and executive, operational, technical and professional support. Once your OK store is up and running, you will receive continuous support from the OK Franchise Division through various channels, including informative monthly newsletters, site visits, quarterly regional meetings and of course the Talking Shop owner’s website where you will always be kept up-to-date on the latest news, campaigns, products, specials and important information.


The OK Franchise Division puts store-owners first, because our business is your business, and your success is ours. We offer ongoing training development programmes and refresher courses once your franchise has been established.